Unlock Europe!

Imagine having the freedom to choose where you live, work, retire, receive an education, or access healthcare. These incredible benefits can become a reality when you have an EU passport.

An EU passport is within reach for people with European ancestors - and we help you get there!

Two girls enjoying the sun in Berlin, Germany

EU Passport

A passport issued by any EU country grants you an extensive set of rights that are valid across all twenty-seven EU member countries. Physically, it's one passport, but in practice, it offers access to all twenty-seven!

With an EU passport, you gain unparalleled access and mobility. Enjoy visa-free travel to any European country, unrestricted by the 90-day rule. Buy property, work, or retire anywhere within the European Union.

infographic benefits of an EU passport


  • Live anywhere in the EU
  • Travel visa-free


  • Balance your tax burden
  • European Single Market benefits


  • Insured health care
  • World-class education
  • Refined European culture

Plan B

  • Live, work and travel freely
  • Secure your future