A Priceless Asset

Imagine if you could multiply your options in choosing where to live, work, retire, get an education, receive medical care... these incredible benefits are yours when you have a second passport.

An EU Passport is within reach to anyone with European ancestors.

Coastline Amalfi, Italy

Your Benefits

It is difficult to highlight any one benefit of having an EU passport, because each of them is truly spectacular.

In terms of Access and Mobility, it will give you the right to travel to any European country at any given time, without the need for a Visa. Stay for as long as you want, no more 90-day rule. Buy property, employ yourself or retire anywhere within the European Union.

infographic benefits of second passport

Welcome to Europe

A passport issued in any one EU country gives you an extensive set of rights valid in all of the twenty-seven countries of the EU. Physically it is one passport, but practically 27!


  • Live anywhere in the EU
  • Travel visa-free


  • Balance your tax burden
  • European Single Market benefits


  • Insured health care
  • World-class education
  • Refined European culture

Plan B

  • Live, work and travel freely
  • Secure your future
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Your Plan B

Consider an EU Passport as the ultimate insurance policy. It enables you to continue your life anywhere and at anytime within the European Union.

Good to know: a second passport does not replace your current passport, it is additional. You will have two. In a world that is getting more complicated, an EU passport is the ultimate tool to secure your own future and that of your loved ones.

It is always good to have a Plan B.
Citizenship by Descent is your path to an EU passport.

Ready to claim your EU Passport?

photo of Barbara
Flag of USA Barbara, 44
I have Italian roots and always dreamt of living in Italy. Just found out this can be a reality!
photo of John
Flag of Canada John, 68
My father moved to Canada as a young man from the Netherlands. Now I am in the process of claiming my Dutch passport through my father.
photo of Erin
Flag of UK Erin, 24
Since Brexit, it is not easy anymore to work in Europe. An Irish passport solved this. My grandmother was born in Ireland.