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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the EU Passport Plan?

This is our premium service: we create a personal Passport Plan for you. The valuable information it contains includes eligibility, links to forms, the necessary steps to follow, and a discovery section. It is 49 euros and available within five business days.


What if I have ancestors from different European countries?

Sometimes people have ancesors from different EU countries, for eaxmple a maternal grandmother from Germany and a paternal grandfather from Italy. The plan shows you which route to an EU passport is most feasible.


Do I have to complete all fields in the form?

There is no requirement to complete all fields, but we recommend filling out as many as possible. Names of parents and grandparents may not be essential, but they can serve as useful references when entering data. However, you must mention the citizenship or birthplace of at least one (grand)parent.


Is there any chance of losing my current citizenship or passport?

No. Applying for Citizenship by Descent will grant you an additional citizenship and passport, without affecting your current passport and citizenship. You can only lose a citizenship by explicitly renouncing it, and only if you have another citizenship. Governments are not allowed to render people stateless.