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Organisation - BCN Immigration
Visitor Individual who visits website using an Internet device
Applicant Individual who holds an account on the website of organisation

1. General Note
1.1 BCN B.V. is the umbrella organisation that owns and operates - BCN Immigration .

2. Services
2.1 Enables visitors to register on the website and discover their eligibility to apply for an EU citizenship.
2.2 Use of the software to determine EU citizenship eligibility.
2.3 Registration is according GDPR rules.

3. Description of service
3.1 Visitor has access to information shared on the website.
3.2 Visitor has the opportunity to register by entering his/her email address and choosing a password.
3.3 Applicant has to option to apply for EU Citizenship.

4. Premium service
4.1 There is a time span of three to nine business days between receiving payment from the applicant and the organisation sending the documents to the appropriate EU consulate. Within this time frame the applicant can login to their account and make changes and additions to the pending application.
4.2 Organisation compiles the applicant's data into a paper file. This file is sent to the representation -consulate- of the appropriate EU country, located in the residential country of applicant. The file contains an accompanying letter with the request to invite the applicant for a citizenship application interview. It may take three to twelve months before a consulate sends an interview invitation to the applicant.
4.3 A refund for the premium service may be requested when an interview for EU-citizenship is not received within eight months of the EU consulate receiving the application.

5. Website
5.1 All materials, such as texts, graphics are licensed or owned by organisation. It is not allowed to use or copy any of the materials on the website without explicit consent from organisation.
5.2 Unauthorized use of the website is not allowed. There is no visitor tracking active apart from Google Analytics.
5.3 Graphics licenses: Infographics: Charged FX

6. Disclaimer
6.1 Organisation makes a good faith effort to keep its website and resources available at all time.
6.2 Organisation is not responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, resulting from the use of this website or issued advise, or actions taken by organisation. Any legal issues will be handled by a Dutch court located, in the Netherlands.

7. Security and Integrity
7.1 All website interactions are secured by SSL certificates.
7.2 All data submitted by applicant is stored securely according to GDPR rules.