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Organization - BCN B.V.
Visitor Individual who visits website using an internet device
Client Individual who holds an account on the website of organization

1. General Note
1.1 BCN B.V. is the umbrella organization that owns and operates

2. General services
2.1 Visitor has access to information shared on the website.
2.2 Client has free access and use of our online software to determine EU passport eligibility.
2.3 Client can purchase a premium service which is a professional assessment of client's eligibility for an EU passport.

3. Premium service
3.1 A professional EU Passport assessment costs 49 (forty-nine) Euros.
3.2 There is a delay of three to seven business days between receiving payment from the client (status: Assessment - 1st phase) and the organization initiating the assessment (status: Assessment - initiated). Within this time frame the client can login to their account and make changes and additions.
3.3 Client receives a notification -by email- when the assessment is completed. (status: Assessment – completed). Client consults their assessment report by logging in to their account on the website via the link 'Assessment - completed' in the status panel and subsequently the link 'report'.
3.4 The assessment report is PDF document containing the discovery and conclusion as well as a roadmap for the client to initiate a Citizenship by Descent application process for a determined member state of the European Union and subsequently apply for an EU passport.
3.5 An assessment can be produced for a minor, a person under 18 years of age. The individual paying for the assessment has to be an adult person.
3.6 Within five days after the purchase date of the premium service, client may request a cancellation of service and a refund.
3.7 Premium service may also be purchased by bankwire transfer. Banking details are mentioned in the support section.

4. Website
4.1 All materials, such as texts, graphics etc. are licensed or owned by organization. The use or copying of any of the materials on the website without explicit consent from the organization is prohibited.
4.2 Unauthorized use of the website is not allowed. There is no visitor tracking active apart from Google Analytics.
4.3 Graphics licence:

5. Disclaimer
5.1 Organization makes an effort to keep its website and resources available at all times in good faith.
5.2 No rights can be derived from an EU passport assessment issued by organization.
5.3 Any financial disagreement between client and organization cannot surpass the sum client paid to organisation for its services.
5.4 Organization is not responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, resulting from the use of this website or issued advice, or actions taken by organization. Any legal issues will be handled by a Dutch court, located in the Netherlands.

6. Security and Integrity
6.1 All website interactions are secured by SSL certificates.
6.2 All personal data shared by client is stored securely according to GDPR rules.